School Project

School Project


Phases 1 and 2 of the School Project have been completed: the construction of 5 classrooms and 2 more!!

Now a lot of money is necessary for the completion of the buildings (phase 3), namely plastering, painting, furniture, teaching materials, solar, water(pump) and things like that.

                                      The new school complex

Our heartfelt thanks to all for the completion of phases 1 and 2 of the School Project!

Thanks to among others a generous donation from a church in Haarlem (The Netherlands) we were able to continue constructing the school.

The Romney Shed has been transformed.
All classes have been removed and instead we have put the temporary offices of the head master and the deputy, a medical room, the library, the store and the staff room in it. The other half of the shed serves as dining hall, play room and a shelter for when it rains.

What happened to the class rooms for P1 and P2?
Well, we constructed a new building, next to the kitchen.

So now we have a school completely made of bricks! All pupils sit in a brick class room! Quite an anchievement, if I may say so.
Thanks to all who made this possible! We have a great team of teachers and approximately 150 children have enrolled.

Now we go to phase 3 for the finishing touch. Plastering, painting, buying furniture, teaching aids, solar for power, water (bore hole), that kind of thing. We keep on counting on your support, thanks very much in advance for your contributions!

To finalize phase 3 we urgently need additional thousands of Euros. Please can you help us?


Jozina van Eerdenburg
Chairperson The LindA Project