Care for orphans

By AIDS and the rebel war, thousands of children in Northern Uganda have lost their parents. The LindA Project tries as much as possible to give orphans a home, education, care and guidance. We do this through several projects.

We are working in Lira District. Our team consists of 17 people from the local population, they all receive a local salary.

1. The orphanage House of Grace

In our orphanage called “House of Grace" abondened and neglected children are taken in and cared for. About 27 children live there for a longer period of time. Look at the Children's Home page to read more about this.

2. The S.O.S. Training Program

The letters S.O.S. mean “Send an Orphan to School”.
At present about 37 children get education through this program, 
from elementary school to vocational training. It gives them a chance at a future in which they can provide for themselves. Look at the page S.O.S. Training Program to read more about this.
3. Primary School and other activities 

Besides these projects we are managing our own school with everything that comes with it. We also provide, among other things, information on health issues (Other activities). Look at the pages LindA Primary School and Other activities for more information.

                                             School complex 'LindA Primary'