LindA Primary School

A school for the children

In 2009 we started our own primary school. The reason for this was the poor quality of the schools in the neighbourhood. Moreover, the school fees were rising, so it became increasingly difficult to give all the children of House of Grace an education.

We have named our school 'LindA Primary School' and next to our children in primary education, the children in the area are welcome as well. Because there is no real primary school for miles around, children are standing in line to be admitted. Also because we do not ask skyrocketing tuitions, practically every child can be admitted.
We own a Romney shed that had been converted into a school. This Romney shed was after a while affected by termites and was nearly collapsing! Moreover, the construction was not suitable to serve as a school because of the poor acoustics, so we had to build a new school !

As it started out in 2009.....

In May 2014 we started carefully with the new building, but the finances were initially not adequate, which has resulted in some delay. Fortunately, we received a nice donation of a generous donor in June 2015, so the new building with five classrooms could still be finished (classrooms 1 to 5, phase 1 of the School Project). Thanks to the involvement of many volunteers/parents, who have built the school with their own labor!

Building nearly completed, March 2015

A second building was scheduled with classrooms 6 and 7, for the children of P1 and P2. Thanks to among others a generous donation from a church in Haarlem (The Netherlands) we were able to construct the second building of our school. We were very happy when this building was completed at the beginning of 2016!

Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the School Project are completed!

So now we have a school completely made of bricks, all pupils sit in a brick class room! Quite an achievement! Thanks to all who have made this possible!

The new school complex

We have a great team of teachers and approximately 150 children have enrolled!

Phase 3: completing and furnishing the school buildings

Now we go to phase 3 for the finishing touch: plastering, painting, buying furniture, teaching aids, solar for power, water (bore hole), that kind of thing.

We keep on counting on your support, thank you very much in advance for you contributions !

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