Linda's Kids

CD Linda’s Kids

It took hard work and lots of enthusiasm! At the end of July 2010, three Dutch musical volunteers came over to take on the CD project. Here, in Lira, there was even a small recording studio! The producers became more enthusiastic by the day as the children came to sing!

The school also helped; the music teacher, Paul, even wrote one of the songs. With about 40 kids, the project came to fruition and we are extremely proud.

The CD was produced to celebrate the 10th anniversary of The LindA Project. The title is: "This is who we are". Performers: "LINDA’S KIDS". We haven't used the name Liberty Choir, because the children were not in favour of it. They'd rather call them selves Linda's Kids.
front photo (Small)
Our regular donors will receive the CD for free. The other interested parties will be able to order the CD via the office or on line at:
The cost will be 10,00 Euro each, incl. postal charges.
We would love to sell lots of CD's, so funding for the school for next year will be secure!!!

In the event, that you are a regular supporter, but have not received the CD, please let us know. It could be, that we don't have your mailing address (only an email address).

Please let us have that information so we can update our files. Then we will make sure you will receive the disc.

We hope you will enjoy our music!