How to support

We are trying to help as many orphans as we can. In order to do that we need your help! A lot of children in our care are still without a sponsor. It is sometimes very hard to make ends meet and we would like to help more children in need.

Please consider helping these children by giving a (monthly) donation!

Children who need a sponsor

Click here for part 1
part 2 and part 3 to see the photos of the children who need a sponsor!

Possibilities for supporting the orphans

The foundation needs your (financial) support! 
You can help the orphans in the following ways:

You can give a one-off or regular donation
All amounts are welcome! Your gift will benefit all the activities of the Foundation for the benefit of the orphans.
And your donations are tax-deductible!

You can be ‘Friend of The LindA Project’
For € 25 a year you will be a 'Friend of The LindA Project'. This way you help to improve, on a structural basis, the life situation of the many orphans.

You can sponsor a specific child:
- To give a child primary school education for € 30/month
- To give a child secondary education for € 60,- /month
- To give a child care* for € 30,-/month. *Care means: shelter, food, clothing, medical care , etc.

These amounts are indicative, of course, all donations are welcome !

If you would like to sponsor schooling or adopting a child please contact us. We can select a child of your preference, a boy or a girl, primary school or secondary school. If you like you can receive information and a picture from him/her and you can write letters to him/her.

If you decide to make a contribution please let us know. 
Our email address is

We will then ask you your name and address and how you like to donate. 
Then we will know were to send our newsletters. Please inform us if you like to receive the Newsletter by email. 

For our account details and BIC and IBAN data please check the 
Contact Page. We are not able to accept payments by creditcard. If you want to use PayPal, our email adress is Then, of course, you need to have a PayPal account.

What you can expect from us if you make a contribution
You will receive our newsletter 3 times a year that will keep you posted on all developments.
We will make sure every cent of your donation is used for the orphans. We are a small and transparent organization and no money will be used for other things.
For our account details and BIC and IBAN data please check the Contact Page

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