Children who need a sponsor - 1

           Geoffrey Ogwal

Geoffrey Ogwal is the youngest of 4 brothers and 1 sister of a childheaded family. He is 16 years of age. He is not a brilliant learner at school but always tries hard to succeed. Geoffrey attends technical school where he learns for car mecanic


      Emmanuel Okeng

Emmanuel Okeng is now in S3 and 18 years old. He has lost both parents and the grandparents he was living with have absolutely nothing to say to him. He just didnít listen and did what he wanted. He refused to go to school and got himself into all kinds of problems. Thatís why they asked us if he could be with us. This has done him a world of good. School goes well, his behavior is now acceptable. His eyes are always fearful, it takes him some time to let go of all that happened in the past. He has been in our SOS program since 2003, in House of Grace since 2010. 
                  Kizito Ocen 

 Kizito attends P4 and is 10 years old.

                 Sarah Akao

Sarah is now 14 years old and attends P7. 

Would you like more information about one of these children, please contact us. Thanks.

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