Children who need a sponsor - 2

  Madeleine, Dina and Yubo

Madeleine (11), Dina (9) and Yubo (5) lost their father and, after a while, also their mother. They had to stay with their 68 years old grandfather and their 105 years old great-grandmother. On top of that the great-grandmother was blind and deaf. This was an impossible situation! That is why Child Welfare asked us to take these children in.

               Winny Ejang
Winnie goes to the training college for teachers, first year, and is 20 years old. Winny is the sister to Kenneth Aguma, the boy with epilepsy who fell in the fire. Her older brother Morris is also in our program, he has joined the plumbing school. Winnie lives in House of Hope and is a happy girl.

             Isaac Ongom

Isaac: 6 years ago he came to us. He attends the technical school, first year, and is trained for bricklayer. Isaac suffers from epilepsy and we found him 6 years ago at home. He has a mother, but at that time he was totally neglected and left to his own. We could take him with us. He takes his medication on time every day, so things are going well now.

             Gad Odur
Gad Odur S2 16 jaar

Gad attends S4 and is 18 years.

Would you like more information about one of these children, please contact us. Thanks.

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