Contribute a brick!

We are in need of a new school and children's home

Our children's home is too small. There are presently 43 children and they don't fit in properly. So we need to build a bigger home. But in order to do that we need a lot of money. Our wish is to build a bigger home with dormitories, a big dining/recreation room and a school. For this purpose we have started several fundraising activities, among which: ‘contribute a brick’, the idea is that people buy an imaginary brick for our new children's home.

If we build a bigger home, we are also building a brighter future for more of the many orphans in the area. We will be able to admit more orphans. Your help is needed to make a difference for these children, who are literally living in the gutter: no parents, no relatives, no home, no education, no medical care, no clothes, no food: nobody cares.

Difficult to imagine in our “rich” Western World, but in Northern Uganda it is a fact of life. Thanks to a rebel civil war and AIDS thousands of children have lost everything and nobody helps. People are burdened enough already. But YOU can do something and TOGETHER we can do A LOT!

Send your gift today! Go to "Contact" for our bank/contact details.

On behalf of the children: thanks a million!  

                       House of Grace (orphanage)