Who we are - our objectives

The LindA Foundation is a christian, non-profit, charity organization with the aim of improving the living conditions of orphaned children in Northern Uganda. Thousands of children there have lost their parents as a result of the rebel war, AIDS and other diseases.

'LindA' means 'Light in dynamic Africa'.

We are a small, transparent organization with more than 15 years of experience in Uganda. 
The foundation was founded by Mrs Jozina van Eerdenburg, a Dutch lady, who - during a visit to Uganda in 1998 - was touched by the Lord to take care of the orphans she found there in their desperate situation. 

Mrs. Jozina van Eerdenburg remains several periods of the year in Uganda to monitor the projects and the team of local employees. 

The main activity of The LindA Foundation is giving care and education to abandoned, orphaned and vulnerable children. They are a large group in a desperate situation, often traumatized by what they have witnessed.

The supporting parties of the LindA Foundation include the following:
The LindA Project The Netherlands;
The LindA Project UK (known as "The Light in dynamic Africa (LINDA) trust").

Jozina van Eerdenburg


       students LindA Primary School

The LindA Foundation is a community based organization, duly registered by the Lira local government in 2003 (registration number L009/03). Also duly registered by the Apac local government (registration number ADG/7/RDC). Also registered by the Ugandan Government as NGO (registration no. S.5914/4682). The registered office of the foundation is situated in Lira town, in the Republic of Uganda.
The LindA Foundation works with local employees. They all receive a local income. This way we are helping the people in the district by providing jobs. 
Our objectives 

The objectives of our foundation are:

Provision of care and education to the needy orphans and disadvantaged children;
Establishment of orphanages (children’s homes);
Start up and running of primary and vocational/comprehensive schools;
HIV/AIDS counselling and awareness training;
Health, nutrition and sanitation awareness training and workshops;
Carry out safe water and sanitation projects for the rural people;
Establishing of health units for the rural communities;
Provision of better opportunities for the widows/women through sustainable small scale income generating projects;
Conducting all other activities that shall be conducive or incidental to the attainment of the objective of the organization.