Other activities

Information about health issues

We also are concerned with giving instruction about health.
For example, 
we provide information about HIV/AIDS. We also inform the people about the importance of good (personal) hygiene and sanitation. We stress the need to boil water, reducing the risk of diseases caused by polluted drinking water. The kids all get a mosquito net. 

After the founding of our foundation in 2000, our first concern was to take care of safe and clean drinking water. Health above all. You can give orphans clothing and education, but it is all useless if they become sick from contaminated drinking water. 

Our first goal therefore was to ensure that the water was clean. Thanks to many generous donations The LindA Project realized 7 springs with safe water:30,000 people now have clean water every day!

Care for disabled children

The LindA Project is also taking care of a number of disabled (orphaned) children. 
There are many disabled people in Uganda. Sometimes this is congenital, but more often the result of (untreated) diseases. 
For example there are children paralyzed by polio and children who are blinded by untreated eye diseases. The rebel attacks also caused a lot of injured people with handicaps.