The LindA Project UK Financial Report 2015

The LindA Project UK
Financial Report 2015



Donations from sponsors/well wishers £     5.396,00
Bank balance as of 01.01.2015             £        100,06
Total   £     5.496,06


To The LindA Foundation in Uganda          £    5.037,08
Bank charges  £         83,41
Various expenditures, costs  £       315,00
Bank balance as of 31.12.2015  £         60,57
Total  £    5.496,06
Total income:                       £  5.496,06  

Total expenses:                    £  5.435,49


Bank balance:                       £      60,57


Total:                                  £  5.496,06



The LindA Project (UK) solicits funds for the work of The LindA Foundation in Uganda. The LindA Foundation is a Christian, not for profit, organization in Uganda. Itís aim is to better the livelihoods of the orphans and vulnerable children in Northern Uganda, Africa. Thousands of children have lost their parents there, due to war, Aids and other causes. 

The LindA Foundation works in Lira District in Northern Uganda. 
The LindA Project (UK) solicits funds 
and sends these funds to The LindA Foundation, under subtraction of incurred costs.