Children who need a sponsor - 3

Mirriam Akidi


Mirriam attends S1. A good pupil. Originally she is from Amolatar District. The child protection unit found her living with an old grandmother. She is 15 and becoming quite the young lady. A lovely girl, very helpful.

Lamech Omerikot


Lamech Omerikot is now 18 years and attends the second year of Junior Technical School, to become an electrician. He came to us in 2014, having lost both his parents. He lived with his grandma before. Now she passed away too.

Ivan Oryem


Ivan Oryem is now 17 years and attends S3 of O level. A serious kid, of course he has gone through a lot already. He now lives with us and is doing well in school and has finally started to grow a bit. He joined us in 2014. After the Government decided children should live with relatives, he went to live with this uncle, but there his situation was unsustainable.

Would you like more information about one of these children, please contact us. Thanks.

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