Children who need a sponsor - 3


She is 14 years old and goes to group 5. Together with her brother Jonathan, who is 9 years and who goes to Group 2, they came to us after her mother Polly, our former cook, was deceased of AIDS. Jonathan was born with AIDS and uses daily his pills. Mildred can laugh again recently.


A cheerful, shy girl going to group 4. She is 12 years old. 
She comes from the
district Amolatar and lived first, together with
many other children, with a "granny".

Like Mirriam she comes from Amolatar.  She is 10 years old and goes
to group 2.
It took a while, but her health is now OK again.

This boy is 12 years old and goes to group 6. Always cheerful, helpful, very happy that he can live with us. He lived with an old lady, together with other children, who could no longer take care of all these kids.


Ivan and Nancy lost their parents and siblings during a killing, caused by a land dispute. They were not at home, fortunately. That is why they came to us.
Nancy is 10 years old and goes to group 4 , Ivan is 12 years old and goes to group 6.

Would you like more information about one of these children, please contact us. Thanks.

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